Mark Cuban bought $20 million worth of QQQ Puts before the 2000 crash

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  1. Mark Cuban bought $20 million worth of QQQ Puts before the 2000 crash

    Below is a short video of Mark Cuban explaining a long QQQ Put trade he entered to hedge his locked-in Yahoo stock position. He is implying it was $20 million worth of QQQ puts - even though he doesn't explicitly say so.

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    This man right here is an absolute tycoon.
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    Yup. Seen it before. Always stuck with me.

    But recently saw some research that showed his net worth in the last ~10 yrs (?) & it hasn't changed that much, almost to a point where it has diminished due the inflation (?)

    A good example of one time luck in the markets ?
    (Bit different tho, he owned the company etc)


    Musk & options :

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    Good points, Nobert;
    no such thing as luck/\trendfollowers call that a small sample. Thanks.
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    Not exactly. I had a thread where I questioned his returns AFTER he cashed out of the Yahoo position. But it still showed a doubling or tripling his billions by now. So he is alright I would say.

    At least he enjoys the life of being a billionaire, unlike Musk...(or other idiots who sleep on the floor of their factory or work 60+ hours per week.)
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    Wasn't sure about the numbers. Looks that i was very wrong. Then it's great if hes doing well.

    Maybe for Musk it is a joy to sleep on a floor and to wake up into a living the dream right away. Besides, it's practical. No time wasted for the journey and etc.
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    + most likely gets better production being that close to the assembly line.:D:D
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    Some people just have this aura. Who knows. Maybe it gives the boost indeed.
    Da hell. If you really love what you do, - why would you want to wake up anywhere else. (smiles)
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    In general, I think Cuban is one of the sharpies in the financial world. Looking back at all the "legends" in various fields, many of them were one hit wonders and probably unlikely to ever reproduce that kind of wealth ie Gates, Zuckerberg. They are probably sharp enough to make a couple of million over their lifetime if they didn't have their big windfall. The true legends are guys like Jobs who rose like a phoenix and revolutionized the world a 2nd time (maybe 3rd time) with the iPhone. Cuban, I think, could replicate his fortune if he had to start over again.

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