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Discussion in 'Trading' started by arizona, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. arizona


    does anyone want to buy Mark Cooks course? I gave 600 dollars for it, would consider any bids.
  2. nonam


    Is he any relation to Wade Cook?
  3. the one where you get personal attn on his farm ?
  4. arizona


    The course is a taped course of his school that he has on his farm.He traded in S and Ps, showed his tick trades among others.It is very informative on the pitfalls and work required .
  5. isn't he wade cook's brother ? they loook allmost like twins.

    ET investigators time to get to work.

  6. MrDinky


    I'm not sure I want to see that...

  7. I am interested in placing a bid but can you give more details on what is in the course (how many video or audio tapes) and length of the manual. Thanks.
  8. robbo


    Mark Cooks Videos should be called Farm Yard Tales.How can you charge people thousands of dollars for a seminar/videos and talk about farming for so long?
  9. reg


    I hear that Mark Cook is a great trader. He makes profitable trade after profitable trade while milking his cows (and his "students").:)
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