Mark Cook & Linda Bradford Raschke reads

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  1. Good condition and ;
    key points underlined, not as neatly as this line however.
    1] Mark Cook article;
    Active Trader mag ,5-2002

    1] LBR interview;
    Active Trader mag,3-2004

    1]Jack Schwager interview;
    Active Trader mag ,5-2001

    1] Steve Nison candlechart interview;
    Active Trader mag, 1-2003

    1]Jim Rogers article;
    SFO mag,12-2003

    $5.25 each plus exact postage/insurance.
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    Are you kidding?

    I can almost find NASA secrets online these days.

  3. ===================

    No not kidding;
    thats the usual pattern also , much gov info is free.:cool:
  4. chud


    All these articles are available for less than you're asking from the magazines' websites.

    And I've seen several posted free on the internet.
  5. ==============

    Partly true, ;
    has been available online & you also pay for your computer & power
    bill. Paper is more reliable.

    Not very true with Active Trader mag, may purchase only back issues quote''no more than one year older than current issue'' unquote.
    ''$7.95, per back issue only one year old.''

    $4.95 for only 1 selected downloaded Mark Cook articles;
    as of August 3,2005

    Looks priced about right and ;
    power/gas company raised rates again.:cool:
  6. I remembered I got all the articles for free on the web except for Schwager and Nison... which I am not sure. I think they sell a lot of stuff like that illegally for $2 on eBay. I must admit you picked some good articles but I don't remember anything particularly important... I think there are too many holes in my brain (turning into cheeze).
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    Maybe your brain is not turning into cheese;
    if you are over 29, ginkgo bilboa help:D

    Trust me on this , dont need the $5.25, plus postage ;
    these are worth it,
    paper articles can be read/ reread for years which i have.


    Its a fact one tends to not retain much on only a few reads.:cool:
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