Mark Cook: 29% correction in March 2007

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  1. The New York Stock Exchange announced in March of 2000 that margin debt was at 278.5 billion dollars. The severity of the decline was felt like a tidal wave by mid April of 2000. The New York Stock Exchange announced in February 2007 that the margin debt was an all-time record 285.6 billion dollars. Is another tidal wave already speeding toward the shore line? I think so!
  2. <i>My favorite phrase of the ignorant and stupid is, "This time its different."</i>

    It's never different. Always the same
  3. Cook may be right this time, but he has been very bearish for quite some time and missed a lot of the up move. Read some of his earlier posts.
  4. I believe it was the same way in 2000. He was bearish for months before the collapse. Back then he said his indicator was usually early.
  5. Wish I hadn't read that article.:eek:
    But glad I did...
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    I remember in 2000 when he made that prediction. He was spot on. I am not into"predicting" markets but his concern has raised an eyebrow here.
  7. March is only tomorrow and today's feeble bounce... :confused:
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    The always the same part: S&P drops about 30% on average during recession period.

    Average recession period: 9 months.
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    Probably right; and although notice he was quote''lone bear'' last November; about time for him to be right.

    However quite timely February commentary-2-23-07;
    ES/SPY still MUCH below 50dma,
    20 day candle chart down is down.
    Weak rally;
    [and i like high probibility uptrends], havent seen any lately.
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