Mark Brown speaking at DePaul..

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  1. I see a Mark Brown is going to be speaking at DePaul on various topics including why he is pursuing a Computational Finance MS. Wondering if that is the same Mark Brown that posts here and developd various systems, like Oddball. He's speaking Feb 19th.
  2. Do you have a link to this? I live a few blocks from DePaul and might be interested.
  3. 1. If you read his posts, here and elsewhere, you'll quickly discover that Mark is not exactly a fan of universities or their graduates

    2. His disclosure document for Hargrave Financial does not mention any degrees for Mark Brown at all. On an earlier page, the same doc talks about Charles Hargrave's two degrees from SMU: a bachelor's and an MBA. Conclusion: Mark Brown had no degrees at the time the disclosure doc was published. If he did, they would have been disclosed in the doc.

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    I am pretty sure that it is the same person.

  5. not "the mark brown" i am lots older. plus you are correct i am mostly self educated and do have some public, private education.

    i have spoken at several universities and they have given credits to students who attended my appearances.

    what would you like to know - i will tell you. after that i can still tell you today what the sp will do tomorrow - where do they teach that?

    at smith barney there were many mensa members, i was not one of them, thankfully.

    the real "oddball" mark brown
  6. LOL, thanks Mark!
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    Wow even older. The guy cited in the article started trading in the mid 70s. I am 42 and i thought i was old, at least compared to most of the folks here.

    Actually, i would be more interested in knowing what the sp will do on monday. Tomorrow i am having bbq with some friends.

    But even if you could tell me where the sp is going to be on monday it would be useless to me. I dont think that blindly following a system by somebody else is a good idea. I wouldnt trade a system that i havent backtested myself. I want to learn something and that is impossible by following somebody elses trade signals. Even if the signal comes from you or Acrary or the pope himself.
  8. thats ok i just said what i said cause i can do what i do and i didn't learn that from going to school somewhere.

    there are many players in the business, researchers, traders brokers, thief's and people who just want to make money any way possible.