mark brown said he found the holy grail.

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  1. emg


    mark brown the linebacker for the miami dolphine?
  2. Many have thought and have said the same thing, only to see their "grail" disintegrate over time and/or position size increases.
  3. Ha, his personal website is cool.

    can't figure out if he is legit or just a marketer or a combination-- whatever, he is creative!
  4. Are you following me around surferboy?.
  5. You believe him?
  6. there is a mark brown who often appears on CNBC, is it the same man?

  7. maxpi


    I'm not that skeptical. There are very, very simple things that work as well as some more complex ones... and I've done R&D most of my adult life, the story at Mark's page is very familiar... and the idea that human preconceived notions outweigh real thinking is very muchly at the core of human failure... the story resonates...
  8. I am not that doubtful either. the question is: if he found the holy grail, should he be another james simons?

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