Mark Brown is my favorite poster on ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gary Fox, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Gary Fox

    Gary Fox

    Mark Brown offered valuable insight at my thread about entries:

    Mark Brown offered a couple of valuable suggestions via pm.

    Mark Brown got me to thinking about a counter trend system along with a trend continuation method for my backtesting.

    I get a big fat kick out of Mark Brown.

    First thing I do is see what Mark Brown has to say. First thing!

    I read a couple of posts from someone named Jack Hershey and then never read another one. Ever! Knew in my heart it was snake oil.

    I read a couple of posts from someone named Spydertrader and never read another one. Ever!

    I see Mark Brown is saying someone gets paid for views to their thread. If that is so, for crying out loud someone pay Mark Brown for just POSTING at ET. I check ET a great deal more than ever just wanting to know what little nugget of knowledge Mark Brown is going to throw out there.

    If you agree, then say so. We don't want to loose Mark Brown at ET!

    Gary Fox
  2. Sheesh.
  3. I've always been interested in what Mark had to say, whether I agreed or not.

    It's pretty sad when The Brown Mark has to resort to this sort of silliness, but allow me to point out how you severely screwed up and outted yourself.

    You linked to this thread as evidence of The Brown Mark's brilliance. In your final post to that thread, you wrote the following ...

    In the post above you linked to a thread on cycles. Too bad you failed to note the first poster in that thread to agree with the OP was none other than Grob109 - a well known (and no longer used) former alias of Jack Hershey.

    So, by your own account, you knew in your heart Jack Hershey posted snake oil, yet you now use information he posted years before your discovery as your really cool edge in the markets. Jack whole entire thesis for trading is based off trading the 'natural cycle' which you somehow equate to snake oil, but now, you trade using the same methods???


    Thanks for yet another classic moment on ET.


    - Spydertrader
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    hcour Guest

    Ew! Get a room!

  6. I also like Mark's posts a lot, he knows what hes talking about.

    and on the Mark VS spydertrader drama, my money is on the horse that actually runs (mark) whereas spydertrader is currently perceived as a untalented, unexperienced paper trader and until he posts profitable statements, it will remain that way. So far spydertrader has eluded all requests to do so. very fishy.
  7. cd23


    Would you post a blotter of the format you desire. Use anyone you wish from anyone that apeals to you if yours is not available.

    I have reviewed Mark's equity curve for 1200 trades. Could you comment on that curve with some kind of judgement call? The reason I ask is that it will establish a standard of perfomance as you see it.

    Along side that post by mark to the right of his equity curve, there was a chart of February 27th. Could you tell me on Mark's behalf how many points of trading gross profits and how many points of gross losses are showing?

    Many TIA, I've asked mark a load of questions at this point and I do not want to impose further. You do know his performance, I see.
  8. Gary Fox

    Gary Fox

    Ha ha ha ha

    No - I like my chicks.

  9. Gary Fox

    Gary Fox

    Well now you've went and ruined it - as I had to read a post from the likes of you. As always, nothing there.

    I referrenced that particular cycle thread as representative of most all cycle discussions on ET. If you bother to read the posters, most say that cycles are of little value. I have and had no idea who Grob109 is.

    Please - go away. This thread is for those who enjoy Mark Brown.


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    Ew! Get a room!

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