Mario Gabelli. something smells bad.

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    As a result, investors in Gamco would never know, for instance, that Mr. Gabelli takes the equivalent of two salaries: one from Gamco and another from G.G.C.P., a curious idea since G.G.C.P.'s main business is, well, Gamco. Documents from the case show that beyond Mr. Gabelli's public salary at Gamco, he pays himself 20 percent of G.G.C.P.'s pretax revenue as a "management fee," which he shares with his sons Marc and Matthew, both of whom serve on G.G.C.P.'s board. The G.G.C.P. management fee alone has produced more than $20 million for Mr. Gabelli and his sons since 1999.(more).
  2. whoever smelt it dealt it imo
  3. yeah, must be nice.
  4. You're just jealous,