Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’

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  1. Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’
    Navy conducting war crimes probe into November violence in Haditha
    This story makes me sick
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    But what about your rush to judgement at the mere announcement of a probe of an incident whose 'eyewitnesses' are Iraqi muslims ?

    And last year, when these muslim animals mercilessly butchered the heads off of 6 Western civilians, video taping the carnage for all the world to see ... did you also start a thread describing how sick those stories made you ????????????
  3. What's your point? That my prejudice and bias justify the murders by the marines? Or the murders by the terrorists justify the murders by the marines? Or that "Iraqi muslims" are our enemies so they are not to be believed?
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    My point seems pretty clear ... based upon a story you read in the press, you seem to have already passed judgement. I did not say that these witnesses are not to be believed - you did. But can you deny that at this stage, their credibility could be at the very least - questionable ?? At least dubious enough to slow your rush to judgement ???

    But you didn't answer my question to you as to whether you previously started a thread describing how sick the butchering of Western civilians made you.
  5. It should still be secondary to your illness over Marines getting killed. I am amazed at all the folks who can somehow justify anger at Americans when everyone clamors for our help, our medical aid, our assistance, our fortitude, and our money. Bad things happen, even when there is no war. Let's help (and hope) justice prevail.

    If some crime was committed by the Marines, it will be dealt with. If the reverse happened though, I am not sure. And that doesn't scream for sending anyone home either.

    In Dallas yesterday, there was gang violence that killed two innocent girls who were not even aware of the danger. Just a few weeks ago there were two little girls killed in Chicago with errant gang gun play. One was at her own birthday party. In Florida, a young kid was killed in a detention center by the guards.

    You know, I actually think I may have even met you personally at a function in Chicago some years ago. You struck me as a thinking young man, although you did seem to be quite interested in getting the drinking on (but that was what the function was, no judgement here, just a reference point). I can think of a ton of things locally that impact your life, and future, and get to your ire more than the Iraqi situation.

    Iraq will play itself out, no matter what side of the fence you're on. And since you won't be over there anytime soon, why not displace that anger/frustration/sorrow of yours into some youngster (locally) who needs a strong example of how to make it, and a tutor! :)
  6. No, I didn't. Why does it matter?

    Do you question that the story is true? It seems that you do.

    And by the way, do you believe that OJ is guilty? Be honest. Christians are not supposed to lie.
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    Very, very well said.
  8. Are you suggesting that we should pull all of our troops back home and have them work on the gang problems here in the states? Why don't you make that suggestion to your friend W?
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    Forgive me, but you digress ... I don't see the connection here.
    But if you insist ... based on what little knowledge of the evidence I knew, he seemed to me to be guilty - but I was not on the jury listening to and seeing each and every nuance in the presentation of all of the witnesses.

    And ........ all along I thought that NO one was 'supposed to lie.
  10. Definitely not suggesting that we pull the troops back. However I am suggesting that YOU put your energy and time into something that YOU can do something about. Your own involvement in the game if you will! Troops are not what is needed in the battle for saving the youth. We get more mileage from folks like you doing a part. Not sending a check, not having good wishes and speeches. I would guarantee that this would go much further than some brigade stationed at the city boundary.

    Besides, the troops need to go back to their own communities to make sure that they too don't have blight sneaking in to the youth mindsets. :)
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