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    I just wanted to announce that we started a traders' group in Marin County, California (just north of the Golden Gate Bridge).

    We have a Yahoo Group Page (which is currently our web page); the web address is:

    If you would like to meet other traders of Marin / the Bay Area, you're welcome to join. We plan on meeting once a month, probably on a Monday (to be determined) in San Rafael.

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    will be out in San Francisco a lot in the coming months....will have to stop by and ck you guys out in the bay area.....keep me posted......
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    I am their, I trade in a b/d in San Fran. and live in Santa Cruz but have friends in Marin so I would love to attend any meetings or just shoot the breeze, their are very few traders (if any) in my home town of Santa Cruz,

    Thanks for posting about your group!

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  5. Marin was my home for over a decade...while trading on the PSE options floor... We had homes in Tiburon, Larkspur (10 Tamalpais, a super and memorable home).... and and Greenbrae, and my brother's was in San Geronimo.

    I am coming for a friend's wedding reception, May 9...and will be hosting a workshop at our Walnut Creek office on May 6 (yeah, I know "East Bay" LOL)....but would love to host a get-together while I'm in town.....

    My treat....pick a spot... May 7 or 8.... whaddya think?

  6. Simba,

    Any chance the meetings might move to a weekend? I'm not even done with work at my firm until 2:00 pm? Got your email over the long weekend, please keep me on the list even if you keep it mid-week.

    Good luck guys,

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  7. I grew up in Marin, maybe you've heard of me. What's your name?

    What's the locale for the meeting?
  8. I am very interested in this group - please keep me updated. Also i have a trading office in Mill Valley - and i am looking for one or two traders to share space.
  9. When you are in Walnut Creek on May 6th, how about hosting a lunch after the close a few blocks away at the Lark Creek Inn on Locust Street?

  10. There is a Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur, Marin.
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