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  1. Manson's Morbid Mason Jar
    I've heard of stars having funky home furnishings, but this one takes the cake. According to British GQ magazine, Marilyn Manson's living room coffee table features a fetus in a jar. Sure to be a hit with Right to Life groups, the unborn baby was a gift from the singer's girlfriend, fetish star Dita Von Teese, who gave him the child as a gift. "I have a beautiful morbid gift from Dita," he told GQ. "It's an unborn child in a jar. I called it Ludwig Von Manson."

    You may remember Von Teese from her appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn." While she arrived wearing a sweet ballerina costume, the dark-haired beauty then proceeded to strip down to her underwear as she climbed into a giant cocktail glass, doused herself with water and slapped her buttocks. Sounds like Marilyn has finally found a generous gal who not only gave him a child but likes to stay clean to boot!

    He should choke and die....thats another soul he's tuning into an ornament.
  2. you obviously need help.

  3. Not content with calling everyone, "monkey imperialists", Brother Mo is now attacking Marilyn Manson... with people like Brother Mo on the side of the enemy, maybe we can recruit them to our side to assasinate singers who can't sing... what d'ya say, Brother Mo?
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    Since when is having a fetus in a jar "weird"?

    As long as you don't eat it.
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    But if you do, it is great with mustard and horseradish.....
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    Also nice with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Of course, I'm just quoting my psychiatrist on that one.