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    LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - 01/13/10) - Medical Marijuana Inc (Pinksheets:MJNA - News) applauds the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate for having approved "The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act" on Monday, January 11, 2010. A804/S119 removes state-wide penalties for possession of up to two ounces of marijuana when a New Jersey licensed Physician recommends it for one of the qualified medical conditions including Aids, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease among others. Patients will be issued ID cards by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and may designate a registered caregiver to assist in obtaining marijuana. Uniquely among the 14 Medical Marijuana States, New Jersey will prohibit home cultivation of marijuana.

    Medical Marijuana Inc further applauds California for passing Assembly Bill AB390. The Assembly Safety Committee voted 4-3 in favor of AB390, marking the first time that State Lawmakers were forced to seriously consider replacing probation with regulation. AB390 would remove penalties for Adult Marijuana use, a ground breaking reform.

    In celebration of the passing of the above, Medical Marijuana Inc has a SPECIAL OFFER -- BRING A GUEST FREE with the purchase of admission to the First Medical Marijuana Educational Expo at the LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER Saturday January 16th & 17th.

    Enjoy and educate yourself with two days of segmented Classes & Workshops given by Law Makers, Tax Advisers, Northern California Growers, Cooperative Founders, Patient Testimonials, Caregivers and Certified Addiction Therapist(s). Classes will teach the History of Hemp & Cannabis, the Political Climate, Not for Profit Structuring, Legal Compliance, Cannabis Cultivation, How to Quick Start Your Medical Marijuana Delivery Service, Supplement Formulations, Trademark & Patent filing, Franchising, Barter & Security.

    ALSO CBIS..............

    COLORADA SPRINGS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cannabis Science Inc. (NASD OTCBB: CBIS), an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company, is pleased to announce Cannabis Science is in negotiations with several companies in the US and internationally to contract or license its formulations for development, certain rights to manufacturing processes, and the sale in each prospective jurisdiction and or country.

    Cannabis Science President & CEO, Dr. Robert Melamede, stated, "We are able to greatly accelerate our company's progress in the New Year by working with others doing research and sales for our cannabinoid medicines by entering into licensing agreements with them. We expect to have definitive agreements signed in the near future."

    Richard Cowan, Cannabis Science Inc.'s CFO said, "The fact that other groups are willing to enter into licensing agreements with us is further evidence of their respect for Dr. Melamede and his standing in the scientific community Dr. Melamede, is the retired Chairman of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he also continues to teach."

    On January 25th as a part of its FDA Drug and new retail drug release initiatives the Company will be updating its new website to encompass the progress of each of its formulations to be released to the public through the FDA and other regulatory bodies. As well, the Company will be putting confidential patient surveys on its website. These confidential surveys are designed to produce information regarding how patients use cannabis for various medical conditions.

    Dr. Robert Melamede, Cannabis Science President and CEO, explained, "These surveys are an example of what we mean when we Cannabis Science Inc. is truly a patient-oriented company. We have their trust because we are patients ourselves. By working with patients both in person and online, we can further develop our knowledge base and add staff and consultants where they are needed."

    About Cannabis Science, Inc.

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