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    MedMen MMFNN
    • GENE - TSXV (Invictus MD Strategies)
    • Listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange (ex Vancouver Stock Exchange - the wild west of stock exchanges).
    • Gene Simmons from KISS is involved.
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    "Big advances and declines in cannabis stocks have been the norm over the past several years. From August 2013, when the Cole memo was issued, until the peak in March 2014 (a couple months after Colorado opened its retail stores), the index increased over 1400%. Over that following 23 months those gains were erased entirely.

    Then came the next run-up. From Labor Day in 2016 until the day before the elections that November, the market advanced more than 150% before giving up the majority of the gains over the next 11 months.

    Most recently, the market advanced by more than 200% between late October 2017, when Constellation Brands announced its investment into Canopy Growth, and early January 2018, following the opening of California’s legal adult-use market."

    Anyone that is trading these things, make sure you take profits
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    Thank you wildchild - I think the American symbol is MMNFF

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    There are plenty of marijuana stocks, but some of them have market capitalizations that are too small for my liking. The following is a list of 17 marijuana stocks with market caps over 399 million USD:

    American perspective:,nxttf,cbwtf,cvsi,sprwf,gtbif,mmnff/view/v1

    Canadian perspective:,xly.v,cvsi,fire.v,,

    The list includes all top ten holdings of the MJ etf

    plus American stocks GWPH, CVSI
    plus Canadian stocks XLY, N, FIRE, GTII, MMEN (American symbols CBWTF, NXTTF, SPRWF, GTBIF, MMNFF)

    Nine of the top ten holdings in the HMMJ are included. SMG is excluded because I don't think it is a pure play on marijuana.

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    Yeap, thats it
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    In a previous post ( I provided a quote list for 17 marijuana stocks with market caps over 399 million USD.

    With today's Coca-Cola news, there were some smaller companies that started to rock-n-roll, because they are considered "plays" on cannabis-infused beverages.

    Two in particular caught my eye: NBEV and CBDS.
    Separately, NEPT went up a lot, but I think this may be related to company-specific news.,nbev,cbds/view/v1

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