Marijuana is the next big crop

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    thai, vietnamese, cambodian, some mexican... :)

    it's always been bigger than coffee I thought, maybe even in Seattle?
  3. The sooner the better for marijuana to be legal. That legal weed and bath salts is frying the minds or so many young people. Get some cheap legal marijuana on the market and it might cut down on the use of that synthetic stuff.
  4. i question how this really plays out in the end. if i can legally have it why not grow my own? they sell hydroponic kits pretty cheap and why not just buy your own premium quality seeds. its not like making your own liquor or tobacco its a lot easier.
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    Thought the same myself. Of course growing it and distributing it yourself probably won't be legal when the big corps get involved. Most likely hear some crap like it's not safe unless authorized with that special seal of approval type thing.

    Then again, why would you pay for all the supplies and the electric bill, when in the end it will be a lot cheaper to just run to 7-11 or the med center and grab some.

    Another plus is that you'll be able to choose from a variety of strains, like in Cali for example, they had a med center where they had all kinds of strains one could possibly ask for as long as you have a card, which was pathetically easy to get.

    Like the doctors that give out oxy prescriptions like they are candy around here.
  6. how is it going to be cheaper to buy it? i don't know the legal prices or the illegal prices anymore but i am sure someone on here knows. i would be willing to bet for 20% of cost you have a better product that you grow on your own. the hydroponic kits are not that much so you can grow it even living on the 20th floor. i always felt the reason it was not legal is because the government could not figure out how to make money off it.

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    making the moonshine is VERY easy..
    all you need is this-

    and few other things below this sign :

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    PS...oh wait..
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    The supplies cost money (nutrients, soil, etc etc) and it takes time to grow and cure. The lights needed to grow can tax your electric bill decently depending on where you live. The only way that it would be worth it is if you set up a damn farm outdoors.

    I also think it would be cheaper then black market prices now. supply and demand.

    plus, outdoor with natural sun (with UV light) is a much better product. The closer to the equator the better (more UV) much like Coffee.

    I was a bit of a botanist in my day :)
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    I'll add, it will probably be awhile still before this ever happens, if it ever does.

    All the states that legalize it for medical use have med centers and you need a medical card. As far as people looking for stocks, look into the biggest companies getting involved, I guess.
  10. sorry for being an azz. I don't think marijuana is a solution. it's more of a problem, look at how expensive smoking has cost on society...

    also marijuana brings another bad side effect (making people mind numb and dumb).
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