Marijuana cant be that profitable, can it?

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    Saw that article and when I did the math, it seems that anyone that has about 500 plants would be an instant millionaire. I always think that the police pretend this stuff is worth more than it is just for shock value.

    If marijuana plants can be sold for that much, why wouldnt someone just sell 500 plants worth, and never do it again? Why try to grow half a billion dollars worth where it can be seen from the air for miles around?
  2. This is a good movie/documentary on the economics of marijuana in North America:

    You're not counting expenses and the police figure is most probably way inflated (they could be giving the retail value of the production of the plants over a year): no blotter, no cred! :D
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    If only it is that easy. Once you are in the game, you can't just leave. The 3 options of the drug trade is: super wealthy, prison, or 6 feet under.
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    What a waste of time! and money!!

    No wonder California is going BROKE!!!:p
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    You're crazy, just walk away, not a problem. Marijuana dealers and growers smoke so much they won't know you've gone for months.. even if you live in their house...
  6. supply/demand

    now, the only reason why tobacco is so profitable (as a LEGAL product) is because some people smoke up to 5 packs a day

    that's like a pound of pot a week... (or whatever, I'm not in the mood for math)

  7. You must have been thinking of "the guy on the couch". :D
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    I wish I was bullshitting. Unfortunately a couple of friends happen to fall into the 3rd option. 2 (ex) friends got to the first option. Don't know anybody that went to the can.

    Perhaps if you are talking about growers and dealers pumping out quarter pounds here and there, there wont be any problems. Once you start moving to bricks; that's where all the risk and money is at. When a lot of money is concentrated into a single area, and greedy people (with very short term thinking) is involved, eventually someone is going to get fucked over. Just like trading, its a zero sum game.
  9. How much does weed cost? At the retail level, at the wholesale level?
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    It all depends on location, time, type, supply and demand. It is valued the same way as an option call/put. Generally speaking retail something can cost 250-400 an ounce. Wholesale it ranges from 45-100. Or it could be free.

    Not too sure now, been out of the game for too long. Good riddance.
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