Maria is no longer sweet on 'Honey'

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    She is no longer Money Honey, she expected to ring in plenty of dollars by trademarking it and making something of it but it seems she couldn't do anything with it. I guess after the last few mega bubbles that came and went and her being part of that great pumping program cnbc things didn't work out with that stupid nickname. I remember watching her pump the markets back before the dot com bubble by cheering on every lame rally and every lame dot com ipo that came to the market.

    Maria is no longer sweet on 'Honey'


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    CNBC's star personality Maria Bartiromo is so over her "Money Honey" moniker.

    The 42-year-old host of the business cable station's "Closing Bell" show, who made off-the-air headlines three years ago when she moved to trademark the "Money Honey" name across a host of consumer products, has quietly given up the marks.

    Records at the US Patent & Trademark Office show the eight filings for "Money Honey" were abandoned at various times last spring and summer.

    The media first affixed the "Money Honey" moniker to Bartiromo in the mid-1990s, when the fast-rising 20-something, reporting during the go-go bull market, could move markets with her Big Board reports.

    Her assortment of hairstyles, crisp wardrobe and TV-worthy good looks made the nickname a natural.

    Over the years, Bartiromo was said to have privately bristled at the nickname, feeling it demeaned her work. But publicly, she accepted it.

    In 2007, it became clear she couldn't outrun it, so she filed to trademark the name on a host of products, including entertainment and educational services, a Web site, personal finance TV show, toy action figures, card games, jigsaw puzzles and toy cash registers.

    Brooklyn-born Bartiromo hired Edward H. Rosenthal, a Manhattan lawyer familiar with celebrity branding to handle the matter -- and folks expected the cable star to roll out a host of products.

    But soon after her new seven-figure a year, multi-year deal kicked in last April, she walked away from the marks.

    Rosenthal could not be reached for comment on why Bartiromo dropped the Money Honey trademarks.
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  3. 1) Instead, the trademarked products will include bran muffins, pasta, marinara, biscotti, laxatives, hair dye, mascara, feminine itch cream, bon bons, girdles, bustiers and her own flavor of Boone's Farm wine.
    2) She coulda, woulda, shoulda done this back in 1999 when her ratings peaked. :(
  4. Women hahaha.
  5. What'choo talkin' about Willis? :D
  6. shes gettin kinda old and has a big pasta butt...


  7. Time decay is tough and as the days left in the contract get shorter Theta increases rapidly.

    She is already past her prime.
  8. Maybe you would have to drink 4 or 5 beers instead of only 1 to get "in the mood". :cool:
  9. even erin burnett is getting old, getting to that big four-0 soon
  10. Maybe you would have to drink 1 or 2 beers instead of being sober to get "in the mood". :cool:
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