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  1. Normally i could care less what she says, but she actually came alive against Senator Cardin....

    For me, he has now become the face of everything thats wrong in Congress.

    But seriously, the state of Maryland voted this guy in?? Even if you are a dem, get someone else in there to represent you ASAP.. damn.
  2. She is a rude B-itch. John Boehner is what is wrong with Congress. And the Tea party is what is wrong with the rest of the Republican Party.
  3. I don't normally care about what is going on on CNBC, but what she did was totally unprofessional and I am not a fan of Cardin.
  4. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I realize this is a huge political issue. But as a member of congress, the senate no less, you should be able to be prepared for the media. Whether its foxnews, cnbc, cnn, or msnbc.... The anchors aren't always going to be friendly to you.

    I understand both sides. But Sen Cardin looked unprepared to say the least. Think he was expecting to just blame the other side and finish the interview... (the same thing all politicians do) But when it wasn't going that way, he should have been able to handle himself. He looked tired and confused to say the least.

    I am fine with even a more liberal guy in his seat.. But these old incumbents on BOTH sides have been in washington way too long.
  5. I have seen her disrespect anyone who does not agree with her. Basically Maria thinks she is untouchable and can say and do whatever she wants on that show. Did anyone ever see her on the Floor of the NYSE – she was nasty B-itch back then as well.
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    This is so common with liberals: being nasty, dishonest and unintellectual. Republicans have been willing to compromise, but Obama won't give anything. We are sixteen trillion in debt and Obama is not even taking this issue seriously. Most Democrats actually want to go over the cliff, not the Tea Party. If it weren't for media shilling for liberals, people would know how intransigent the Democrats are. Alas, Snooki is more important.
  7. I am not a Liberal - just someone who is fed up with all the Republican BS and people like you blame Obama for everything .
    Peopel like you are the problem , I am pragmatic and rational .
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    When people say they are "not" something that is usually "exactly" what they are. Freud stated that. I hate to break this to you, but in this country we have not only a constitutional right to question our leaders but an obligation to do so. These congressmen on both the right and the left come on to TV to act like divas. We need to start demanding answers and action. Kudos to Maria.
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