Maria Bartiromo----looking for a bottom

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. In her unending search for a bottom, Maria sniffs out all possibilities, no matter what the cost.....see the jpg below
  2. Atlantic


    what she wants with this tiny doggy? chase away the bear ?
  3. Her ass is so big you'd think she could at least find that bottom...... :D
  4. Atlantic


    fortunately i don't get cnbc - but if this thing is called the "money honey" - i no longer wonder about anything ...
  5. Babak


    She just said:

    "Maybe we should just stop searching for a bottom and say this is a bear market and short stocks to make money."

  6. Eugene


    Just heard that Babak

  7. Atlantic


    this is no bear market - it is just a technical reaction that already lasts 28 months.
  8. though she is not clear...

    whether top or bottom is near...

    ... I'd certainly take her out for a beer
  9. Atlantic


    it's all about the gravity. it drives down the markets ... and everything else
  10. 777-
    thats f'n hilarious!

    BTW, did anyone catch the closing comments by Maria? Went something like, "maybe we should accept that we're in a downtrend and start looking to short."

    Me: "Hello broker? Yeah it's Uptik. Cover all shorts! Now!"

    #10     Jul 23, 2002