Maria Bartiromo is such a rude A - hole

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  1. Maria Bartiromo is a total rude b-tch A-hole . She shows total disrespect to anyone who is a Democratic members of Congress. She is a rich b-tch who thinks the middle class should deal with the burden of this budget mess. Most annoying person ever on CNBC . Yea Maria we know you don’t want you Multi Million dollar income to be taxed at a higher rate .
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    duno the lady but what you describing resembles what that french lady said about poor couple of centuries ago, to eat cake instead of bread not to starve.... I think she lost her head later on.
  3. Maria rocks and is 100% correct. Leave her alone....

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  4. You've outed yourself as a staunch member of the parasite class... you poor, clueless bastard. ON IGNORE!
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    I saw that interview. She was spot on. Look, we need to stop giving these jackoffs airtime. They come on to do an interview and then never say a damn thing. Maria is getting tired of it. I'm getting tired of it. She asked the guy a straight pointed question and all he did was blame the right.

    And btw op, she has treated republicans the exact same way. She basically asked the guy to step down and let someone else solve the problem if he wasn't willing to. All the guy did was bloviate.
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    I saw that report too, and she was right on. We need reporters to treat politicians - especially ones like she was interviewing - that way more often. We should expect strait talk from our elected officials, and it almost never happens anymore. The liberal democrats are terrible about this - although they certainly don't have a corner on the market. Just double-talk and make crap up as they go. They should be held accountable.

    Right now, the deomocrats' only interest is in raising taxes, they have no interest in balancing the budget or getting government under control. They are entitled to pursue that philosophy, but we should demand that they be honest about it.

    If I hear a tax increase called a revenue increase one more time, I'm going to barf. These are two separate items. It is very possible to have tremendous revenue increases without raising taxes, and it is also possible to have a revenue decrease caused by raising taxes. The spin on all of this is out of control.

    Maria was exposing the fact that the liberal politicians are not willing to consider any real cuts in government spending, they just want to raise taxes, and she is correct.
  8. don't worry, I'm already on his ignore list. Happened when he told me I should read more history books. I told him I just read Howard Zinn's history book. That did it. ON IGNORE

    can't stand to hear or even consider an opposing view

    makes him feel bad

    needs to constantly be surrounded by his like minded support group

    I know a lot of liberals that are just like that. If you try to reason with them they just put you on social ignore and find a like minded friend to hug

    I'm not that weak, I like it when people disagree with me, especially if they can get me to see things from a different point of view. I also like helping people if they are going through something I have already been through

    at the moment I have to wonder, "What's it like to wake up with a mind that puts people ON IGNORE if they dare disagree with you?"

    Closest I can come is Sergeant Schultz. "I hear nothing, I see nothing. Hogan, you are ON IGNORE!"
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    Maria would never treat Warren Buffett like that, but if a politician says raise taxes on the wealthy, then she acts like a childish brat. Wall Street is in fear that the media can't hype this Cliff event to something worth caring about. We're going off the cliff and life will go on. Some people get their taxes raised, other people get some benefits cut. CNBC hates this.
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    Oy vey. How many times do we have to go through this. First of all, yes, Maria has treated Buffet like that. She ripped him a new one on his "raise my taxes please" speech he gave. Second, we could tax the rich at 100% and it still only raises about 120 billion with a 1.2 trillion dollar annual deficit. And the government is just going to raise spending by another 120 billion anyway.

    Let's say this together OK? First we cut spending, then you can raise taxes. Not the other way around.
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