Maria B. looking like hot Bimbo

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  1. Watch CNBC for footage of a hot looking Money Honey in tight jeans throwing out the first pitch at a Yanks game. She acted like a total Bimbo, big hair, tight jeans, leg kick as she hugs a Yankee player. I'd apple-tree her in a New York minute.

  2. DaBrain


    She's got one hell of a WIDE ass.

    She's definitely let herself go over the years. She is an Italian mama after all. They seem to start out sleek and hot as hell, then eventually turn into rather rotund older women.
  3. are senile if you think Maria is "hot".

    Longhorns out. :)
  4. She needs a good Hot Carl imo
  5. Maria B. & hot Bimbo

  6. bs; maria is a freakin' pig in a category of her own; come over here in the summer and visit a couple of piazzas in the evenin', slots all over the place and hot 'till late 40s.
  7. Another one of my fantasies burst.
  8. and that bulging waist line... :D
  9. Rennick, who's hotter?... Maria B, or Melisa Francis? :)
  10. Well, the camera puts a few pounds on a person, but she's headed towards the "wide load" lane for sure.
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