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  1. I'm as long biased as any other trader (still puzzled by the fact that 95% of the investing public doesn't short) but I trade what I see...not what I think. When I first started this nonsense, I "thinked" a lot. Unfortunately, I was a net loser & my account blew up more than once. I wish I could find more like this with the same or similar consolidation.....monthly chart.
    #341     Mar 23, 2003
  2. Valid broad patterns require 5 reversals. Most folks find them difficult to trade but I'll admit they've become my personal favorite over the past few months. Also, I have yet to see one that is bullish. I'll take a small pilot short with this whale at the upper trendline.
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    #342     Mar 23, 2003
  3. Similar to Cramer, I'll keep adding to this....eventually I'll be right. Seriously, I've been short this for a couple of weeks (paaaiiiinnn) and I'll add to it at the upper trendline. A move over it and I'll probably be sucking the barrel of my 9mm.
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  4. Vinny's been short this from the mid teens. that really is pain. I just wanna meet 1 individual who still thinks this is a long term buy. Another weekly view...notice the last time it fell outta the wedge.
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  5. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what my personal plan with this is.
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  6. The same stock as above but a different view.....monthly. It will take A LOT for this to turn bullish.
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  7. I could post a hundred more but I think ya'll get the point and I'm tired. I'm gonna buy a few April or May 90 puts should it get to reversal spot #5 in the next day or three.
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    #347     Mar 23, 2003