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  1. My broker used to advertise their future overnight margins requirements on their website. They no longer do so and told me they apply the same margin requirements as shown on the relevant exchange websites.

    I went on these websites: CME, EUREX, Matif but could not find find the margin requirements for the following contracts that I trade in overnight:

    Schatz (EUREX)
    CAC40 (not sure if it is LIFFE or MATIF or EURONEXT, or NYSE)
    Mini crude OIL (CME)
    DJ eurostoxx50 (EUREX)

    Could someone send me the links to the relevant exchange websites so I can find out the margin requirement and consult from time to time as margin can be subject to changes.


  2. Get a new broker :D :D
  3. Ah ah, not the response I was expecting...:confused:
  4. Banjo


    Use the margin page from a broker that offers them all, The overnite is set by the exchange so all brokers will show the same #.

    CAC40 is on Matif, 3125
    Eurostxx50 is on DTB, FESX, 2822
    mini CL appears to trade on the NYMEX, not CME, QM,2700
    Schatz on DTB , FGBL or FGBS , don't remember 2 or 10 yr.

    The point is that the exchange minimums rarely change and brokers can't violate them so a page like this will apply to all brokers.

    click the futures tab
  5. Thanks Banjo
    Schatz is EUR 438