Margins on the minies at IB

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by janko, May 10, 2002.

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    sorry for asking a dumb question here but i have searched the site and ib's site as well but i still dont know how much initial deposit is required to trade the sp mini and the nasdaq mini. Ib's site has the intraday initial and overnight initial, so which one do i go by to figure out how much money i need to open the act with? i know the act should be funded w more than just the initial to be able to sustain act swings, but still which initial margin requirement do i look at??? thnx guys.
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    Open an account 2000

    Trade NQ 1500
    Trade es Just under 2000

    These are for day trades.
  3. I heard IB's daytrade margins are same as CME's margins ie. they have the same CME recommended margins for both day and other trades, around $5-6-7 K. No?
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    Overnight IB emini margins are exchange minimum

    Intraday Daytrading margins are half of that amount.

    For example,
    NQ daytrading margins are $1500 initial/$1200 maintenance
    ES daytrading margin is $1969/ $1575.