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    x-pit trader. For someone who actively trades the e-mini electronically what are good inter day Margins for eminis? I have seen various firms with $5,000.00 required to open an account. Are there minimum funds required to trade or simply the day trade margin?
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    Interactive Brokers has a day maintance margin of about;
    $1600 for ES
    YM, its less
    NQ its less.
    [8;30 -3;00 Chicago time]

    Think Velocity Futures has maintance margins of about $500????

    Have to call them for up to date acc minimum;
    IB =excellant broker for experienced traders .
    However if you hit the sell [or buy] trigger twice;
    it does twice as much . Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    Good thing I was trading with trend when I accidently doubled up
    :D , first time i used IB.