Margins for e-mini s&p futures.

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    What are the current margins for the e-mini s&p futures?Ive just started paper trading with think or swim and im trying to get used to the platform. I cant find the margin requirements for any futures.Can anybody help me out here?
  2. Depends on your broker, and whether you're strictly daytrading or are going to hold overnight.

    Most have them set at $500/contract for daytrading, and some are higher (for example, Tradestation is at $1000).

    It's easy to find the margin requirements at almost all of the futures brokers' websites.
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    Here you go:

    This shows the overnight margin for CME products. Like the last post said, intraday depends on your broker
  4. Depends on the broker. I've seen the YM from $500 per car to $1400

  5. use daytrade margins for the YM, ES, NQ at $300.00 per is a "double edged sword"...meanings...high leverage for great returns or at your own rish..they are the Best!
  6. ThinkorSwim has extremely high margin requirements compared to others I have seen, but I'm no expert:

    S&P(ES): $3,938
    Nasdaq100(NQ): $3,250
    Mini-Dow(YM): $3,125