Margin on new Spy Futures

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by stock777, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. What's with the huge margin on the new SP futures? $3000 inital for 100 shares. The ES which controls 5X this amount is 2k margin.

    lol, they want this to fail?
  2. I think the CME officials either want the new ETF futures to fail or are just so out of touch with reality that their stupidity will make it fail. And to think that the CME is a publicly traded company . . . The margins on the new ETFs are completely rediculous. A 20% move is probably not seen during the life of the contract, much less one day or week, or month! I am so disappointed with this launch. Also if you have checked the CME website, as of this morning they don't even have quotes for the ETFs.
  3. JayS


    Looks like they are margin'd like SSF's.

    The exchange fee's will be .70 a round turn. So that equals .0035 per share per side. Will be interesting to see what brokers like IB tack on to that.
  4. ES Margin is 4K
  5. =======
    I like the CME,
    and you may have noticed in thier original press release ;
    that SPY derivative was for ''sophisticated traders'':D :cool:
  6. I was hoping the Inter-commodity margin between SPY ans IWM will be in the neighborhood of 200 bucks or less. It seems that they dont even have spread credit on these suckers. how disappointing
  7. Volume rather microscopic so far.
  8. Oh gee, I wonder why the volume is so small. I thought all the "sophisticated traders" would flock to this new contract. Makes me wanna go buy a seat on the exchange . . .