Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman

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  1. Has anyone read this? Why is it so expensive? I know its out of print but its going for around $1300 a copy on Amazon. What information could it contain to be worth that much money and how is it different than any other value investing book? And if it IS so great, why doesn't someone re release it?
  2. Well, it's out of print and, as Amazon reviews point out, he's a big-leagues HF manager. (Hence no chance of a reprint, not unlike Toby Crabel's book.)

    However, its sales rank is 346,267, i.e., a buyer very rarely lifts one of those offers. Those would-be sellers seem to be living in a fantasy world -- I see that this book is available at over 200 libraries in the US alone.
  3. bidask


    it is a reworded version of The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Grahm.

    please remember that most books are out of print because people most people don't think the content is worth the price compared to other available alternatives. it's not because the book is a "gem."