margin in the 90s

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  1. lsubeano


    just an odd question that came into my mind.
    not to age anyone :) but can anyone remember the margin requirements of any futures in the 90s.
    was day trading margin available?
    emini s&p when it first came out?

    thank you.
  2. 1) Margins for physical commodities tended to be around 5% of the contract value. Bond and note margins tended to be about 3.5% and 3%, respectively, of the contract value.
    2) I am not sure of that.
    3) ?......8% to 10% of the contract value. :confused: :cool:
  3. Arnie


    I remeber the margin on the full S&P500 (1 pt=$500) got around 14k just before the e-mini came out. In fact that was one of the reasons. I think it was around $2-3k when I started trading.
  4. Read 'em and weep
  5. Recalling from memory... futures leverage has for a long time has been about 12-20x... with about 16x being most common... except for Bonds... higher because of lower volatility.