Margin for Leveraged ETFs going up on Dec. 1

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Arjun1, Sep 1, 2009.

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  2. Thanks in part to commentators such as Real Money contributors Eric Oberg and Jim Cramer! So glad you're looking out for the little guys who don't understand what they're buying. Save us from ourselves. But please do keep selling us newsletters from people like Lenny Dykstra!
  3. Yup

    Cramer=Loud Mouth Schnook!

    Back To The Fuuutures:D
  4. So basically the entire value of the leverage is lost for margining purposes? You will still save on per share commish.
  5. Cramer's idiotic crusade on this issue has annoyed me.

    Perhaps a coordinated cancellation of subscriptions would get their attention? It's not like RM provides any value. Anyone else with me on this?
  6. This rule seems silly. It will just force people to trade options or some other device where they can obtain leverage. Adding this rule or constantly changing the short selling rule won't cause people to suddenly become better investors.
  7. I never click on Eric Oberg's or Cramer's articles on the topic as a form of boycott. For Jim it doesn't matter, but for other writers it can make a difference if people aren't clicking their stories.
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    I like how quick they are to change the rules and regulations of how these leveraged etfs are traded, however only 2 years ago getting a house with $0 Down and ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME VERIFICATION could afford you a $500,000++++

    What about all the Moody justified triple AAA rating for billions and billions and billions in mortgage securities.....

    Where was all the regulation in that area when it was needed at the time....
  9. so what's the big deal ? You mean you need to trade those leverage ETF's on margin ? !!:confused:
    Don't you have enough leverage with 2 or 3 times , you need to buy them on 50% margin ?
    If that's what you want to do , you are better off trading eminis probably.
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    you are wrong. eminis are not the same product. i don't want to have a futures account etc. trading at 4to 1 margin intraday gives me a leverage of 12 to1.
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