Margin Call movie - 4 stars - available on YouTube

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GordonTheGekko, Oct 21, 2011.

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  2. BULL CRAP!!!
  3. Is the real thing?

    For 7 bucks not bad at all and you get to see it now from home.
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    I wonder if they're trying to appeal to day traders...:p
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    newbie needs to watch this stuff. Its a learning opportunity.
  6. good movie, it's much better than wallstreet 2. The simplification and hollywood dramatization didnt detract from the overall flow.

    Bring back memories, i remember when half the floor in my firm got let go, they didnt even let those guys go back to their desk to collect their belongings, just got escorted directly out the door by security then shipped the personal items to them.

    saw it on directv, theater in nyc was all soldout.
  7. how do you get it on directv?
  8. you serious? just goto movie on demand -> new releases -> find margin call and hit order button...
  9. when did they start offering first run movies. when i had direct tv you always had to wait a few months.
  10. So how does someone from Canada see this movie?

    There isn't even a release date yet... :(
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