Margin Call - huh

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  1. How the hell can my broker compute margin call when the market is not yet even closed?

    He Left a message on my machine.

    I don't want to answer the phone since i am maxed out already.

    If i do not answer my broker, does he have the right to sell my positions?

    Anyway, i'll decide tomorrow if i will call him. I'll ask for more time.

    Anyone know if we go up tomorrow? If so, my account maybe safe again.
  2. Yes. They will liquidate you.
  3. ElCubano


    it will go lower IMO
  4. You'll decide tomorrow if you will call your broker on a margin call. LOL. You're done, eat the loss and move on to a new hobby.
  5. LOL...has to be a windup.
  6. Aw come on man, help the guy out! :D


    There will probably be at least a short-term bounce ... but it won't matter because you will be liquidated at the Open.

    You'd better hope like hell for an overnight Gap and Run.

    P.S. Try to learn something from this ... that the first loss is the best, and never violate your stops.
  7. Your broker may issue margin calls or liquidate positions at any time.

    Just curious, what were you trading?
    You owe money to the broker?
    Or just were required maintenance margin?
  8. Is there anyone i can call who can protect my positions from being sold?

    If the market will not go up tomorrow, i'll try to bargain for at least wednesday.

    I really can't believe this is happening.
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    Only you by throwing good money after bad.
  10. You will be liquidated.

    But if you weren't I hope you at least have a stop in place. I mean, how far are you willing to let the market go against you?
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