Margin buying power and Naked puts trading

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  1. yobo


    Any naked put traders out there that can recommend an online broker to trade with? Running into all sorts of issues with Merrill Edge and their margin calculations. There system treats all naked put sells as if they are cash secured and their margin balances don't update until they cycle through and update balances over night. The end result is that their online platform will lock you out of online trading because it thinks any additional trade will trigger a maintenance margin call. Therefore the only way to trade is by calling into the service center and have a service rep override the system. Not very efficient.

    Ugh. Anyone else with similar experiences that can help with a broker recommendation or share with me their experience at a different broker?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. RedDuke


    The get up to date Net liquidation Value and be up to date with everything is Interactive Brokers.
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  3. oh great another premium seller :vomit:...dude i recommend selling put spreads instead of naked puts...
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    Do you. Hope it works for you. Now STFU.
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    contact warren buffett, he is the expert.

    he sells way out of the money puts. if the puts are not exercised he has income from the put premium. if the put is exercised he doesn't care because he acquired the stock at what he considers a bargain price,
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