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    I have been trading with IB for some time and I find them very good. My account reads as (approximate figures) :

    Initial Margin Requirements(IMR): 53,000
    Maintenance Margin Requirement(MMR): 44,000
    Stock Market Value(SMV): 43,700
    Cash Balance(CB): 45,000
    Equity with Loan Value(ELV): 88,700
    Option Market Value(OML): -20,000
    Net Liquidating Value(NLV): 68,700

    I sell Puts some OTM and some ITM. I would appreciate if some could tell me:

    The margin amount available to me so I can sell some more Puts.

    Is it :
    (ELV - IMR )* 2 which should be greater than IMR
    (88.7 - 53) * 2 = 71.4 - 53 = 18.4
    So 18.4 is still available to me.

    Can some please throw some light on this. And how will the new 4:1 change the above. Will I have much more available as margin.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. It varies by broker on margin for selling puts. There are quite a few brokerage firms that won't allow selling options.