Margin alternative?

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    Hello and good day!

    I am a novice trader of securities, yet over the months, since I first started trading, I have developed a number of trading strategies to generate large percentages on returns, but because of the Federal Reserve Boards Regulation T, which only permits one trade every three days, my strategies require margin in order to work.

    One of the reasons why I need margin is that I would have to invest all of my money at one time in order to generate such large returns or really just to make trading worth my while altogether.

    It seems that trading stocks, especially volatile stocks, is a lot like playing with fire. So my strategy consists of testing stocks by purchasing and selling a single stock, depending on how it is currently behaving, as often as necessary until it reaches its final peek, this therefore would require margin.

    I do not want margin to extend my buying power, but rather I want it only to permit me to trade as often as necessary.

    I ,admittedly, am a loser, and I do not qualify for margin privileges through my TdAmeritrade account. I have watched incredible opportunity after opportunity pass me by over the months, simply because I knew that I could not effectively or safely trade without being able to buy and sell as often as necessary.

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    Would anyone happen to possibly know of an alternative to margin?

    My account value would quickly skyrocket so I will always need more and more money to back up my investments.

    Thank you for any help that you may give, I apologize if what I have wrote seems stupid, but I am rather confident because I have seen my strategies work countless times.