Margin allowance of Bright vs Echo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. exce26


    I need to confirm these issue;

    1. Bright allows a trader upto $1 million margin at starting
    2. Echo only allows 10times margin at starting($250k)
    (both firm request $25k initial deposit)

    Are they all true?
  2. exce26


    any bright or echo trader?
  3. i don't know a bout Bright...but at Echo the margin depends on how much you put up...and their minimum is lower than Bright's
    just call Rob @ Echo...he can answer all your questions.
    the toll free # is on the web site
  4. exce26


    Thanks for your respond abour Echo
    Anybody has any information on Bright's margin allowance?
  5. GHansen


    Technically, most JBO (professional) brokers offer 20-1 margin. That is the case with Echo to my knowledge. Bright, however, seldom monitors margin, or any other risk parameters for that matter. In fact, Bright's risk department seemingly doesn't exist. I speak as an insider on this issue. People with a large amount of money with Bright should be very very wary in my humble opinion.
  6. exce26


    Dear Ghansen,
    Do you prefer Echo or Bright?
  7. I know Bright doesn't offer 1 million at starting unless you can prove you have a lot of expereince. Once you have been trading for awhile they don't monitor you as much.

    Echo offers different margin levels for different levels of experience and it would also depend on how much you open an account with. The best advise is to contact them as someone above already stated.