Margaret Brennan vs Dennis Neale

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Should Margaret Brennan replace Dennis Neale

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  1. Yes, Margaret is hot and not annoying

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  2. No, equal rights for nerds

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  3. Who?

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  4. More cleavage please!!

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  1. Should Dennis "the menace" Neale be replaced with Margaret Brennan? results will be forwarded to CNBC. :)
  2. 9999


    Guys should always be replaced with (cute) ladies.
    Except when it comes to fighting.
  3. HELL YES!... I'd drag my balls across 20 miles of broken glass just to hear her fart over an intercom!
  4. Maggie yes, the menace no.
  5. on CNBC now very cute, why is she not on the desk?
  6. You can compare right now, unreal!!:)
  7. S2007S


    surprised she hasnt got her own little show sure she gets one though for 2008.
  8. She doesn't say all the dumb shit; people should be a little more careful but it is entertainment after all.