Marco Rubio,what a hypocrite

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  1. Medicare paid his parents medical bills and allowed them to die with dignity

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    Now towing the republican line at the Reagan library he says medicare weakens us as a people

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  2. Forget that most non Cuban Hispanics hate his fucking guts this is just gold if he is put on the republican ticket in 2012 :)
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    But you want Ron Paul, right?
  4. "There’s a Benedict Arnold feeling,’ said Jorge Mursuli, a Cuban immigrant and executive director of Miami-based Democracia, a Hispanic civic engagement group. ‘Having known him, his political career and knowing where he comes from — a hardworking immigrant family — one has to wonder what it is that he’s thinking or how his political ambitions outweigh his life experiences. ... It’s not only disappointing; it’s disheartening and, frankly, almost unbelievable.’


  5. Why , is he yours... ? :D .
  6. This thread is racist.
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    I would have said stupid but racist works for me too.
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    Is looking stupid a hobby of yours?
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    Max E.

    Ed schultz is a lunatic, i saw this piece on thursday and was laughing my ass off, he went everywhere from saying Rubio is not a real American, to saying that Rubio doesnt care about troops, to swearing at him, to questioning Rubios parents, and how they raised him, to saying Rubio owes his parents an apology. Then he invite Grayson on at the end of the segment. One of the most hate filled speeches i have ever seen.

    I honestly think Schultz is insane, its funny too cause he will probably go out on monday now and tell people to tone down the rhetoric.

    For anyone who wants to see what im talking about here is the video, if you dont want to watch the full 15 minutes of this windbag he goes comlpetely crazy betwen 9 and 13 minutes.

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  10. In other words, Rubio scares the shit out of the left.
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