Marcin: Paraphrasing:"Too Many Stupid Hedgies and Traders" in the marketplace

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  1. I was reading a streetinsight and realmoney debate, marcin is complaining about stupid hedgies and traders who dont know what they are doing out there. Does everybody agree there are too many straight out of college rookies?
  2. If they're so stupid, then why doesn't he just take their money?

    Or are these "stupid hedgies" taking his money?
  3. well i think the problem is that these "rookies" are creating alot of volatilty. When your trading in size and you have to get out quick, you get these traders or hedgies making the wrong trade. They would buy it, but then when some of the older guys tell them its the wrong thing todo they reverse that trade. Causing huge volatilty. I seen it happen so many times with afterhour and morning trades.

  4. he has a very good record. probably the best on real money.
  5. I tend to disagree. Take a look at the VIX. Lowest in history.
  6. He is free to leave and look for greener pastures if he doesn't like conditions ......
  7. I see your point. Did you see that fakeout on AMZN? Anyone who tried to follow the so-called footprints by getting short the last half-hour before earnings got zapped. This market seems to be freaking traders more because of its lack of continuity rather than lack of volatility, especially overnight swings. But it makes sense... the general market is just an emotional barometer, and it's running low on emotion right now. The individual issues are getting the juice, and the index futures are just a fadefest right now.
  8. all those hedgies and traders are margining someone's money.
  9. just look at appx today, some hedgie or trader with a quick finger, didnt know anything about the drug or the company * not talking about abraxane* , down 4 points today, then bounced up +2 now, I bought 2000 every half point recovery at 3 points down. Good trade, but this shows you alot of people are too trigger happy and doesnt know what there doing at all.


  10. Can also look at DWA. Some traders ignorant of the company went long after a report Universal made a bid for the Dreamworks SKG, which is separate from DWA and bid the stock up, smart players shorted it knowing this reported bid talk as nothing to do with DWA. Animation and Action are separate entities.

    When your smarter or more knowledgeable the competition, this is a good thing, not anything to cry about. Would you prefer to play a 4 ft 11 yr old kid/ a 90 year old grandmother or Michael Jordan in a game of basketball for money?

    Hopefully the former. Don't know what this fund manager is whining about.
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