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    It is there, but when you open the order dialog box and select "opg" in the time inforce dropdown, it changes the order from limit to market, and then you have to change it back to limit. Watch out for this.
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    Normally I don't post this kind of stuff here, but on Friday, when one of my traders brought his dad in and showed him what he does for a living, I thought about a very interesting concept of how do you prove your worth to your loved ones, when your job is commonly viewed as pure gambling.

    This may be a little late, but this past Sunday was the best Sunday I have ever had in my life. She was working on some projects from school and called me, and I went there to help her out. I have never worked together with her on anything, and this was definitely a great way for me to get a further glimpse on what she does on a daily basis.

    Afterwards we had BBQ food from Virgil's, and she liked it more than almost all of the expensive dinners we had together before. If we are meant to be together, then we need to be able to have candlelight dinners AND share take out foods, and lately I have noticed that I am no longer afraid to take her to less than impressive restaurants.

    Afterwards I did something I wanted to do for a long time but have never got the courage. I asked her if she wants to come to my trade floor and see what my every day environment is like. I have always wanted to show her exactly what I do, but given the profanity, banging and screaming that goes around the floor, and the heavily male oriented environment filled with men who look at women with eyes of dreaded wolves looking at fresh lambs, I never had a chance to do so.

    So we went and it was just the two of us on a sunday night, in a place that I spend more time and energy and passion than my own home. I got her some hazelnut from the coffee machine, she walked around, looked at Walter's picture on the wall (and commented that he looks like a warm hearted guy), looked at guys with 8 monitors and said it looked so cool, and of course, commented on STOCKKBROKER's screen saver of semi-nude models. Of course, I told her that no other women, whether on a screen or in life, can make my heart skip even half a beat, because she is the only one, and I can say it with a straight face, for on this planet, with the exception of the stock market and my trading team, there is nothing else that is of even remote interest to me.

    I showed her my stats (which I have always told her anyway), stats of everyone on my team, and last but not least, the stats of the trader who made seven digits in 2000 and 2001, and a winning streak of 38 consecutive five digit or higher months. I even showed her the monthly chart of SPX / COMP during this span, and even for someone who has never traded a single share in her life before, she saw that the market went up, went down, and went flat (yes you CAN make money no matter what the market is doing). Basically, she was, in a word, stunned when she saw the guy made 2 million in 2000 and 1.5 million in 2001, throw in the fact that I have a 10 months winning streak myself, I think I have dispelled the common misconception that trading is all luck/gambling, from her brain, for good, which is extremely important to me, as I am sure no woman will ever want to marry a gambler.

    In fact, she was so impressed that she said that if her career as a fashion designer doesn't work out, she will give this a try (and it was only 50% joking, as she said with the exception of fashion design she can't think of anything better than this for her at this time), and I told her that if she ever does I will quit my team leader position in a heart beat and work with her side by side for the rest of my life, splitting our P&L regardless of who she marries in the end. And I wasn't joking, as I have told her long ago that whereever she goes, if she wants me, I will drop everything behind me, regardless of how much effort it took me to get to where I will be by that point, and go with her, to anywhere in the world. Hell, if heaven forbid, she chooses Bright Trading, I will shine Don Bright's shoes and work there.

    In a way, Sunday's event removed something that always lingered in my heart, and that was her perception of my profession as a trader. That has always been something that I felt uncertain about, as just about everyone who never traded before view what I do pure gambling. For her to admit it that the numbers don't lie, that while there are people who inevitably tap out, there are people who CAN and WILL be more successful beyond the senses, that was a confirmation that I always wanted.

    That was a HUGE lift. It was so encouraging that when I walked her back to her castle, I held her shoulders with fire in my eyes, and said while I may be light years behind the guy who made 1.5 million last year, I truly believe, that my love for her keeps my mind pure, focused, as concentrated as it can be, and that is my ultimate edge to one day, play the game at his level. For a few brief seconds, as her body temperature passed through my fingers a warm spring flowing into my heart, I thought I was a top tier trader, something I have never felt before. I told her that she deserves the best of the best, that I truly believe I have an opportunity to be top tier, that if I fail I can not complain I never had an opportunity to be the best, that if I fail I will never face her again. I told her that I believe I will win it all, someday.

    Of course, reality check hit me on Monday's game, as even with one of my top 10 games ever, the guy beat me 12 to 2 that day, it felt like Mike Tyson beating up on a kindergarden kid, but love makes you feel stronger in a strange way, up to this point I have never truly believed in myself that I had any chance to touch a guy like that, I mean, second tier on his trading desk make me look like a newbie with their numbers, I am so outclassed it is not funny.

    Something definitely clicked however, as despite of the fact that I didn't spend a minute doing research on Sunday, her smiling face made me feel like I have something to die for, as good as he is, he is only human, if he can do it, I have a legit chance to defeat him, someday, if only because love is the greatest strength there is.

    Now when I walk around the office I can see her image everywhere, smiling at me, encouraging me to pull myself together. I definitely felt I am an inch closer, to both of my dreams, and that alone can turn the tide in a war of heart . . .
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    look like you are having a psych break thru, congrat.
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    nitro :) :) :)
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  6. Hitman,

    1) Are you dating a school girl?
    2) How does Princess compare with the pic below?

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  7. candle,
    why you keep posting that .jpg
    is that you dream girl
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  8. What about Buffy the vampire slayer. How do you compare her to that jpeg.
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  9. Buffy and the jpg file are pretty equal... it purely depends on whether I am in the blonde mood or the oriental mood... the one major difference between Buffy and the jpg file is that I have actually dated the jpg file, and she ditched me for a younger, muscular, college guy (well, at least she couldn't have been after my money) :( ...
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  10. Hitman-
    I agree whith Nkhoi, that is a huge psychological breakthrough! Maybe it's just a coincidence that you had a $2,000 day recently...but IMO there is a relationship between the events.
    Keep up the good work!
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