March Silver (SIH8)

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Realist, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Next technical upside target is 25 on the monthly nearby silver chart...
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    P&F target is matched up to 25 as well...
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    Still learning, here. So, I'll venture this proposal -- from your monthly chart, it looks to me like there is going to be some resistance in the 1700-1750 area. If/when it breaks this, look out above.

    I really like your posts on the Metals.

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    Mike Collier
    Oak Harbor, WA
  4. Realist


    If cash silver goes below 14.20 then I would consider standing aside as prices could come down even further. I was very disappointed to see the breakout in silver being completely reversed :( This could be some kind of major top as a result since 14.85 should have held on a closing basis if the breakout was for real...
  5. Bought the top and sold the bottom. Now look at the spike we had for silver today. Harsh harsh world
  6. Realist


    Silver is still technically bearish in the short-term though imo regardless of any rallies that might occur. Unless 15 is reconquered, things don't look very good. I have decided to stop trading silver futures as the amount of manipulation in the metals complex is becoming much more blatent as each day arrives. With the DX at new all time lows along with Crude and the Euro at all time highs, the gold and silver market is obviously being held back. There are better anti-Dollar plays out there now imo...
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