March madness picks?!? Are you kidding me??

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    Mind bending! We have two wars going on, the middle east breaking loose in several countries, Japan hit with a disaster that is their worst in 1,000 years + the nuke problem (especially since the wind is supposed to move south in the coming days), and what does Odumba do for the cameras today? He had a "Presidential" version of a pick board to make his picks on march madness basketball!!!

    Are you kidding me?!?!? We've got March madness going on across the Globe! Instead of having his mind on his real job, and the above termoil, the guy was picking basketball teams!!!!!! What kind of President does shit like this???? I'm waiting for MTV to do their show "cribs" at the White House anyday! I can't believe how out of control this government has become... :(
    Simply stunning!!!
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    I hear ya! Dumbo was/is wholly unqualified for POTUS. He doesn't have a clue what to do about...well...anything. So he focuses on one of the few things he knows something about, college basketball.
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    You took time out from what you should be doing to make this post. I expect you to work this weekend to make up for it.
  4. it's no longer a "stereotype" ... it's an established fact

    Ignoring for a second the obvious problem of seeming to duck all the the current critical situations going in the world, here's a tip to all you would be "great politicians" .... never choose a prop that forces you to pick against 63 of 64 of your constituencies...

    what a complete fucking bonehead.........VOTE HIM, (THEM), OUT!

    "THEM" being all the like-minded leftist-idiots.
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    I had to drive out to the valley today and the radio news was about the tsunami victims, the nuclear disaster, the rebel defeat in Libya and Obama's bracket picks.

    Its like there is nobody at the Whitehouse trying to ensure that an appropriate tone is coming out. To those whose lives do not revolve around college basketball the stuff coming out of the adminstration is bizarre.

    The message is that the regime is detached, unconcerned and having a good time. He is headed to Rio for another vacation.

  6. vote him the fuck out ... that's all that matters.
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    Tsing Tao

    billions of people aren't waiting for "LEApup" to lead.
  8. 1. do you jave a brain?
    2. where exactly is your brain?
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    Classic. Get a Brain Moran!!! :D

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