March Madness Anyone?

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  1. They announced the brackets tonight, so I was working on my picks for a group with some friends. I saw you can start new groups, so I set one up for ET members. In the spirit of competition, I thought it might be fun to see if any of you know anything about college basketball. Plus, pretty much everyone has a yahoo id already, so it's easy to join. Here's your chance to get a little bit of bragging rights where people can actually see your results for once. Its free and only takes a minute. If one of the people running a service here wants to sponsor the competition it by giving out a prize to the winner, that'd be great (ha!).

    To Join:
    Click the link below

    Group ID#: 55174
    Password: et

    Set up your picks by Thursday March 16th.
  2. bellman


    great idea!!! I'm in!
  3. No one else interested?
  4. Cant get in on that link.

    ari-ZONA BABY!!!
  5. ok

    click "Create or Join Group"

    click "Join Existing Group"

    click "Join a Private Group"

    enter the league information from above.

    I'm sure you could figure it out but you'd be surprised
  6. I saw Arizona play this year. Had tickets about 6 rows behind the Arizona bench at the UNC game. It was a good game for me. My dad still hates Lute for leaving Iowa and likes to tell me how when he announced he was leaving, the kids stole every "For Sale" real estate sign in the area and put them all in his front yard. Lute sure can pull his team together for the NCAAs. Thats for sure.
  7. One and done. :D
  8. A high ranking is usually the kiss of death for Zona, therefore this year maybe they have a shot. Who do you like?
  9. I'm thinking Boston College makes it to the Elite 8, maybe even Final 4. I was impressed with them before the ACC Tourney, and now more so.
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