March Madness - 2007

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  1. Gators are looking pretty good for the NCAA.

    Just took down the Arky Hogs 77-56 for the 3rd straight SEC Championship.

    Go Gators!

    Who can beat 'em? I don't know who their prospective competition might be. Haven't been keeping up on B-ball. I have to admit I have only watched a couple games. But it's probably better I don't watch. They might win then! :D
  2. jsmooth


    For the past month I've been thinking Wisconson or Ohio State would win it all, and i'm still sticking with that prediction.

    Personally i think Florida is peaking to early. The tourny hasnt even started yet, i dont think they can keep up this level of play for another 6 games (while there opponents will also start to pick up there level of play). I've also been watching the betting lines this past week (to win the whole tourny), tons of new money (dumb money) is all over FL to win it all, thats usually a sign that they'll lose in the final four.....but then again who knows, anything can happen during March Madness.
  3. SUNY Albany !!!!!! Go Danes! :)

  4. Maverick74


    Peaking too early? LMAO. Come on man, they literally just got out of their worst stretch of the season losing 3 of 4 the last 2 weeks of February. One of those games they got killed by Tenn. Then they squeaked by Kentucky last game of the year and faced some pretty weak opponents in the SEC tournament. No my friend, they are not even close to peaking. If anything, they are going to need to pick up their game big time by the time they face Maryland in the sweet 16.

    I'm sorry, Wisconsin is horrible. They'll be a 2nd rd casualty. Ohio State? No way. I never bet on one man teams i.e Ohio State and Texas although I think Texas could make a run at it.

    This tournament is FL's to lose. Teams that could surprise here are KU and Georgetown. But it's going to be tough to match up against the best big 3 in college basketball (Horford, Noah, and Brewer).
  5. JA_LDP



    Go Green.

    Neither Wisconsin nor Ohio State will win it all. As a whole, this year's bracket is very weak.
  6. [​IMG]

    In the West bracket, No. 1-seeded Kansas plays the to-be-determined No. 16-seed from the scheduled game below.

    Opening Round Game -- March 13: 16 Florida A&M 21-13 vs. 16 Niagra 22-11
  7. Thanks for posting the brackets.

    I remember the bad ole dayz. Gators were lucky to even make it to the NIT :( . Kentucky ruled, for years and years and years...

    Hope the #1 seed isn't a destraction. I think they like coming in under the radar.

    Whoever wins, I just want some good games.

    Good luck to all!
  8. fhl


    This years supposed cinderella, Winthrop, is going down in first game to ND.:D
  9. bellman


    As a hobby sports gambler AND an avid bracketologist, I have the following question.

    Has anyone seen a bracket that is filled out based on the % of people picking that team? I've been scouring Yahoo and ESPN, but so far no such luck.
  10. ElCubano


    well there's a new mo-f**king sherrif in town homey..and you best get used to it. A repeat in the making???? If they do it will be the 1st time in college hoops that the same starters go back to back....we already have a 1st ... football and basketball titles in the same mo-f**k year..
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