March job numbers now as high as 400,000+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bob pisani is saying now he hears whisper numbers for March payrolls being over 400,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As I said about 1-2 months ago, numbers will be picking up dramatically as people are being hired for the 2010 consensus, these are temporary jobs, they expect over 1 million to be hired for this huge event, the media is going to run WILD when they hear a 6 FIGURE job growth number, going to be interesting to see how many fools think these numbers are going to last. Aside from that once the consensus is through most of the temps will be laid off once again. Dont take the jobs number to seriously.

    2 minutes in bob pisani talks about the hyped up march job numbers.

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  2. is there supposed to be a video here?
  3. Census workers? :confused:
  4. Kool aid
  5. Kool Aid
  6. Why don't they just hire everyone in the country for an hour each to be their own census taker? Send in your census, get a check.

    Then Obama could say "we created 300 million new jobs this month!"

    At least the handout would be for actually doing something, unlike stimulus checks and unemployment benefits.
  7. Bauclair


    I'm waiting for the day that Obama gets on the news and starts ranting about how he created these 400,000 jobs... that the country is now out of recession... He did this once already in up state New York, I had a good laugh that night! The town he was rallying in was at the highest unemployment rate than they have seen in I believe 30 years and there unemployment rate was higher than the national averages. So he gets on stage and says that the recession is over and for this town to build big manufacturing pants to produce textiles, right that is just what a small economic deprecated town needs. I Mean REALLY? :confused: He must of obtained some good advice from Bill Clinton on how to lie to the country after you fuck something :eek: :eek:

    Better yet what do you think he is going to do after all the census workers are laid off and unemployment numbers fall back were they REALLY are? I guarantee none of the news afflictions are going to rain on that parade.
  8. the1


    The jobless rate in Illinois just hit 11.3%, the highest since 1983.
  9. brings new meaning to the term dry county.
  10. S2007S


    Most of it will be Census and temporary help, this should easily add 6 figures to the job numbers on Friday. The problem with these numbers for March is that there will be jobs added but jobs added will be mostly from the census which is going to add over a million jobs, anyone who thinks the economy has turned a corner due to some uptick in the job figures due to consensus workers should think again. Can the economy be turning, sure it can, however in order to bring the unemployment rate back below 5% this economy has to create 250,000 jobs a month for the next 5+ years, remember though that to absorb any new workforce the economy already needs to be creating 125,000-150,000 jobs a month to begin with.

    Aside from all this even if there is an uptick in jobs moving into the rest of 2010 take it all with a grain of salt, I believe that most of the hiring moving forward will be from the rest of the stimulus being pushed through the system which includes $8000 tax credits for first time house buyers, cash for caulkers, proposed federal energy efficiency jobs which they say should create over 250,000 jobs and plenty of help and aid for small businesses who hire people off the unemployment role who will receive up to $5000 in tax credits. This could go on for quite sometime, the pick up in jobs could be quick however long term I believe they will have to keep feeding the economy with liquidity, zero percent interest rates, tax credits and everything else just to keep it propped up for as long as they can keep it going for.
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