March 15th - The Mask Comes Off

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  1. Did your split personality just call you a gut less mofo?

    To AMT- It's nothing I don't already know and it's something the Obama supporters are to optimistic to grasp. Once they are personally affected by the actions of Obama only then will public dissaproval drop. Inflation will be the big killer. I half think Obama wants hyperinflation to even the playing field.

    The truth can only be demented for so long.
  2. Do you always address everyone as if they were religious and right wing nuts?

    The only thing I agreed with Bush on was having a strong military. I completely disagreed with his nation building and fiscal policy.

    I believe tax payers will be negatively affected by Obama's massive spending through inflation and an increase in taxes. I am starting to doubt whether you even know what inflation is and how it impacts the country.

    I am a believer in small government. People voted for Obama because they wanted him to bring the troops home and they wanted him to uhhh let me think...People did not vote for Obama because they wanted big government, tax increases or inflation.

    Just one question. Will Obama's massive spending likely create inflation, deflation or stagflation?
  3. Nope.....just another AWESOME Constitutionalist Ron Paul supporter here!!!!! HOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! :cool:

    .....and you, just another "psychological lay down" to your globalist masters! :eek:
  4. INFLATION will be the least of our worries going forward.......there will be MUCH BIGGER issues with the obama deception! :eek:
  5. Inflation in prices of daily goods, stagflation in wages, deflation in real estate.
  6. WOW I just PUNK'd you!!!

    I live in AUSTIN TX and I know Alex Jones......met him several times in my life at various rallies here in town. I have listened to him for over 12 years and even used to call into his local cable access show here in Austin back in the day! :cool:

    ....and in additional "The Obama Deception" release news.......

    Fight Back Against the Banker Onslaught with The Obama Deception

    March 10, 2009

    Now that Obama 2.0, also known as “Organizing for America,” will be going door to door “to map out and identify support” for the Bankster Scam 2.0, it is time to have plenty of copies of The Obama Deception at hand — for family, neighbors, and for the Obamatrons who may show up on your doorstep in need of an education.

    Obama is tooling up — or rather his DNC and Wall Street handlers are — a massive campaign to enlist millions of mesmerized and brainwashed supporters to “build support” for the largest, most expensive, most audacious and ultimately debilitating borrow and spend bill in the history of the world.

    It is a banker dream come true, a scam designed to ensure your children and grand children are in hock to the international bankers for generations to come.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped by 53.4% since its high in October 2007 and an unbelievable 31% since the inauguration of the New Savior. Since Obama entered the White House we have weathered a whopping $1.6 trillion loss in equity and a crippling contraction of the American economy by 6.2%. Unemployment jumped to 8.1% in February after increasing to 7.1% in January and 5.9% in December.


  7. BTW.....I have many friends who are black, jewish, persian, mexican, indian, austrian, baptist, catholic, etc, etc, etc............and we all AGREE that many governments in this world like the U.S. and Israel SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The current actions of our governments are heinous and as far as the U.S. is concerned...UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! SO take your anti-jew BS somewhere else........the people (citizens) are not the main problem.....their GOVERNMENTS are!
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