Marc Rich (1935-2013) Dead

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  2. reminds me of Onassis... Ace in the hole trading..
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    Fascinating chap..thanks for posting.
  4. He was one of the great ones. But now he is in his greatest negotiation ever..... for his soul, and the counterparty has no mercy left.


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    Curious flattery here.. don't any of you Americans believe he was a traitor and should have died in prison?
  6. Just started reading King of Oil too. R.I.P.
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    I don't know the exact criminal counts and proof they had , but it seems the US once again tried to overreach a person and business whose actual link to the US was quite a longshot. He bought Irani oïl through his swiss company, most of his tax evasion can be simply called transfer pricing today, he had renounced US citizenship while living in Spain and had actually lived in the US for something like 15 years in all his life. I know the US had welcome him as a refugee and saved his family life, but still... One thing is sure I have more sympathy for him than for politically motivated attorneys like Giuliani...RIP
  8. I don't if it's guys like him that give Jews a bad name or make them so awesome, guess it depends what side of the trade you're on.
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    Well, the guy did business with terrorists who cut the heads off people who didn't pay. He tapped into a market that was very inefficient because people with a conscience wouldn't touch it. Oil was seriously mispriced in the physical market because large entities the world over would not touch the product. He was able to buy this blood oil for steep discounts and then create forward agreements that allowed terrorists to launder money in the form of recourse loans. Probably one of the reasons why Israel has such a hard on for him is he help fund the Mosad. It just comes down to where you fall on the on the conscience side. Do you care if people do business with murders, killers and terrorists? If not, then you probably respect Rich. If you fall on the side where you believe money is really not that important and certainly not worth more then human life, then you probably think Marc is a dick. And please don't anyone violate the moral relativity clause by pointing to other people who do the same. Major faux paux in logical reasoning.
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    interesting and logical analysis.

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