Marc Faber's trackrecord

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  1. From 2000

    Will oil hit $100 per barrel?

    From 2007

    No option for Fed except a bail out!

    From 2001

    Go for gold to beat the coming currency crisis!

    Should Bill Gates trade Microsoft for gold?

    From 1999!

    Gold Will Never Fall Below $1,000 Again

    From 20010

    Quite the trackrecord right... Sure there were some bad calls as well but

    Who can say if Bill Gates listened to him he would be 5 times richer then today?


    Big question ofcourse remains if his latest stand will prove to be just as accurate.

    The future will be a total disaster, with a collapse of our capitalistic system as we know it today, wars, massive government debt defaults and the impoverishment of large segments of Western society.

    Let's hope not.


  2. my favorite call was on cnbc in 2007. faber said that if the fed cut interest rates from 5% to 0% the dow would go to 50k but it wouldn't matter cause the dollar would be worthless. instead the dollar ripped 20% and the dow was cut by more than half.

    mentally the guy is living in a time where there is no credit. in other words, he is clueless.
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  4. I have the occasional email with marc faber.
  5. TD80


    There are few people I actually listen to or track at all in any media format as it relates to trading as 99% of it is noise or even worse manipulation, but Faber and Rogers are two people I listen very closely to for macro themes. I don't agree with everything they say but their way of thinking is what catches my ear.

    Cut through the agendas (often commodities and Austrian themes) and get down into the macro themes and I have to say they are both interesting, and very few others I hear interviewed or presenting even come remotely close to these gentlemen on hunting big macro waves.
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  7. It won't happen.
    All gov'ts are running the printing press to cover their budget deficits.
    The dow 50,000 call clearly explains how moronic and exaggerate this guy is.

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