Marc Faber's Black Monday

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  1. Its time!
  2. Marc Faber is a total clown. Bloomberg news is crap for interviewing the guy on a regular basis.
  3. This post is for those who wish to read and understand that the wizards at the fed have printed us into oblivion! Obama has lied to us and it is now time to drop through the trap door. All the desk pounding on ET just resulted in a lot of broken desks. Those who voted for Obama are now having buyers remorse.
  4. still in the red big
  5. 1. Even if true, too late to be of any value

    2. Most of his voters don't pay attention to anything except his promise of "free ice cream" and his race.
  6. You mean instead of 100's of perma bulls?
  7. Scatafaggot..are you still pissed we kicked your ass last november?....if you keep yapping your mouth we might pass a law forcing you to kiss every liberal's ass
  8. You fools. This selloff is a result of Obamas policies.
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    Buyer's remorse ? Ya mean there was no Seller disclosure first ?

    See my post immediately before this one. Just posted it, too. It refers to the trap door you alluded to.
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