Marc Cuban on Day Trading

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  1. QUESTION: How much time do you spend day-trading?

    MARC CUBAN: None, zero. I think only idiots day-trade. Over the last 10 years the business of trading stocks has been very specialized. There is more professional brainpower and money applied to picking stocks than ever before. Anyone who thinks they can beat the market day-trading over the long term is just waiting for their luck to run out.
  2. Well obviously wealth is developed over long term and living is made from daytrading, but the day I take advice from this fag is the day i kill myself.

  3. no, the secret to trading is to take monster algorithmic bets with the fed by your side to bail you out.

  4. I no one billion air, he went to school with my dad. He made his money buying business, building them, then selling them.

    He just sold his banks to Citigroup 18 month ago, for 700 million. Before that he built up a cable business, and sold it.

    NoW he flys around europe in a Gulfstream V.

    Look up Forbes richest, alot of these mega rich people made it in oil.

  5. I guess you never heard of Steve Cohen
  6. Soooo? You should know going in that trading your own money is not a way to get on the Forbes richest list. If you made 5 mil a year you wouldnt make that list, does that mean you cant live a great life making that kind of dough?


  7. What if he tried to advise you not to kill yourself?
  8. It all depends on what your use to, for me, shoot I can have a wonderful life just being healthy, thats the real gift being healthy.

    No amount of money can buy great health. You ask a super rich person who is ill and in poor health if he would give away all his money to be healthy he would say hell yes.
  9. I'm going to write that one down, pretty funny.
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