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    Anyone trading from Marbella?

    I know there is the alternative of commuting to Gibraltar but just wondering if anybody is currently (or interested in) trading from an office in Marbella instead?
  2. might be interested in relocating to south of spain.

    what do you have in mind?
  3. mapuata


    Well I am going to relocate there soon.

    As I honestly believe that the days of an arcade giving you any kind of edge have long evaporated (having been there for years now) I would like to rent an office space and share it with other traders (not to keen about trading from home).

    The exact details would obviously have to be worked out.

    If the tax situation is an issue for anybody... there are (legal) ways to benefit from neighbouring Gibraltar.
  4. I'm looking for traders office on Cyprus. There's a big tax advantage and the weather is much better then in Marbella ;-) ... If you know something about a trading office there please sent me a private message ... thx a lot.

  5. I don't know anything about Marbella, but if you are thinking of moving to Cyprus, it's probably because you have never been there.
    Re weather, since they have almost the same latitude, I don't know how the weather could be much different, but in any event, just the beaches in Cyprus are enough reason not to move there.
    The supermarkets have food slightly better then what used to be found in E. Europe, and the service structure leaves much to be desired.

  6. Imma move there somewhere, just need to start making some serious coin before.
  7. MaxSpain


    I live in the south of Spain and some time ago looked into how I could 'benefit' from living close to Gibraltar. I couldn't find anything worth the trouble. Could you tell me some more about these legal ways? Thanks,
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    The best option I came across is Hepps but that is just worth the effort if you make enough.

    There are a few more exotic structures but these are, as far as I can tell and I am not an expert, more grayish.
  9. Let's be absolutely clear here. If you live in Spain you pay taxes to the Spanish tax authorities. Having a set-up through Gibraltar is
    evading tax and don't let some drug addled Gibbo lawyer tell you otherwise.

    It's all very well when the lawyer takes your money and says in their gibbo mockney accent 'don't worry about it mate', but when the Spanish tax man comes knocking -what are you going to do? Pretend you don't live there? & expect him to believe that?
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    Take it easy man. I am not selling any tax advice or anything the like.

    My primary objective was to find other traders willing to share an office in the area.

    In the process I mentioned that there my be some efficient tax-solutions for the individuals depending on the specific circumstances.

    That's all.
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